The influence that this medium offers to the masses is striking. The same can we said for the opportunity that our company offers to spread what begins as an idea; a vision, but when translated into a visual format can be a light for millions who are thirsty for guidance. That is why our company is open, with the desire to allow Ministers, Preachers, Lecturers and Singers to produce and record their videos, interviews, documentaries, etc., etc., etc., as well as editing and emitting them in the most prominent formats for their propagation.

     We count on tangible as well as virtual studios, you choose. Our recording environments and staff are 100% Christian and we reserve the right to record and produce only material that is approved by our team. This is done with the utmost respect, without discriminating any project that is presented to us. We invite all interested parties to contact us immediately to prepare a session for our team at BL Studios to listen to your project.