Who We Are

     In a polarized world where nuances have been accentuated specifically to the level of industries such as the great and influential music industry that affects millions of people annually, a Christian company such as ours must mark it’s borders, principles and procedures very distinctly in order to achieve the intrinsic purpose of our work. We want the name of Jesus Christ to be glorified, that the soul of the people who hear our music, that is to say; what comes out of our Studios, be edified for good, not spiritually and subconsciously tormented with music, programs, videos, etc. that have been shaped and planned with personal or obscure interests behind which the sole purpose is money and the manipulation of the masses. Our recording methods are crystalline and their essence is art, worship and professionalism. Our vision is one of Excellence. We are a door of blessings and we reject the use of music and technology as a means of destruction and manipulation of the masses. BL Studios is open to anyone who wishes to record their worship to God at the highest level of quality that current technology can offer.

     We hope to serve our clients and aspirants, from the most experienced to those who are taking their first steps in the glorious experience of being instruments to proclaim Christ through their worship. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                        - Jose M. Perez Ph.D