The modern music industry has made an evident change in direction concerning the technology applied to the modern procedures of musical production and post-productions. That, along with our beginnings as musicians within the church to all the experience that, with years of formal training, we have accumulated in favor of those we serve as experts in the area of ​​sound, everything is combined in order to create and emit worship that is edifying as well as high quality in the strategic achievement of the production of the aforementioned. We are a capable company, therefore our results, referring to the sounds we emit, are equally capable in the midst of a demanding market without losing the true north of the worship that is rendered before our Lord and Creator.

     We have an extremely diverse technical team. Our versatility in the systems that carry out the musical productions is both sufficient and hyper-extensive; by which we are fully confident in inviting all our brothers in Christ to visit our facilities and schedule their recording session with us at BL Studios. As one of our clients said and as we hope you will say: “This is House of God and Doors of Heaven."